SEKMUN, a carbon neutral learning experience.

We face great social and environmental challenges every day. At SEK Education Group, as the first education institution to be recognised as a B Corp in Spain, we are keenly aware of this.

That is why we have consciously incorporated a perspective encompassing sustainability and positive impact not only into the agenda of the dialogue and negotiations that will take place during SEKMUN, but also into its design and development.

Among some of the aspects we have taken into account are:

• The choice of spaces, which allow maximising the use of natural light.
• The installation of water fountains and delivery of refillable bottles, as opposed to the use of single-use plastic.
• Ensuring the separation of waste that we generate during the SEKMUN days.
• Merchandising of biodegradable or recycled materials.
• Promoting sustainable mobility, prioritising travel options by train or bus due to their lower environmental impact, as well as organised travel in large groups over the use of individual vehicles.
• Catering options that prioritise local products.

We will also measure and offset the carbon footprint, making SEKMUN a carbon neutral learning experience.

We carry out this compensation together with Trees4Humanity, a non-profit organisation founded by Fernando Cervigón, a former SEK El Castillo student, thus supporting the most committed talent of our own SEK Community and the positive impact it is generating directly in local communities in Kenya, Uganda and northern Spain, through the reforestation of degraded spaces, the employability of vulnerable groups and the search for alternatives to plastic such as eucalyptus and ficus bark.