What is MUN?

MUN – Model United Nations – is a student-led initiative for educational and training purposes.

Using different debating and negotiating skills and techniques, students simulate the work of the representatives of the member states that make up some of the bodies in the UN system. 

In this educational experience, students must put themselves in the shoes of the delegates of the country it has fallen on them to represent, and they must find solutions to concrete problems on the international agenda. 

MUN projects aim to foment a critical attitude and encourage student participation in the acquisition of the principles, values and mechanisms necessary for the peaceful resolution of conflicts. They also contribute to understanding the current international situation. 

Welcome to SEKMUN

SEK Education Group launched the SEKMUN project with a firm conviction in the value of our mock UN learning models.

SEKMUN is a mock United Nations model that helps participants to understand that the best way of resolving problems is through dialogue and negotiation and never violence. Amid increasing globalisation, SEK Education Group, believes in the value of this educational-cultural event in which students, in addition to training in current affairs and international politics, acquire a broad vision of the world.


All delegates should know and follow SEKMUN protocol. In order for them to prepare, we have included different examples of essential aspects.

Position document

Resolution document



This section contains protocol guidelines and other documents for delegates and their teachers for the event.

Manual 2023

Virtual Manual 2023

Handbook 2023

Virtual Handbook 2023