Conócenos mejor


1.- Who are the organisers?

The Felipe Segovia Foundation, part of SEK Education Group, through a group of teachers and students with proven experience in national and international United Nations Models and with the support of the Spanish UNICEF Committee.

2.- Where does it take place?

In Madrid, the opening ceremony for the model takes place in the Spanish Senate and is held on the Villafranca campus of University Camilo José Cela (attach location map).

3.- When is it held?

Between 9 and 12 March.

4.- Who can take part?

National and international schools from all over the world can participate, since it is a bilingual Spanish-English model.

5.- How old should students be?

Students between 15 and 18 years who are accompanied by a representative from their school may take part as delegates.

6.- Can delegates participate individually?

No, only those delegates who are registered through a school and as part of a delegation may participate.

7. - What is the enrolment deadline?

Students should enrol from November up to 31 January.

8. - What are the enrolment fees?

The fees to participate are: €125 per school; €135 per student and €100 per teacher

9. - What do fees include?

The participation fees include: material (accreditation, transfers, folder, country badge, programme, regulation, notebook, notepad and pen), coffee breaks, lunches and party.

10.- Does the model offer accommodation?

Yes, but only in host families and depending on availability at the time of enrolment.

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